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Low Dose Naltrexone 25-05-2008

Low Dose Naltrexone


Paul Nicholas

Dr. David Gluck

Dr. Jaquelyn McCandless 1

Dr. Jaquelyn McCandless 2

LDN Advocates Panel 1

LDN Advocates Panel 2

LDN Advocates Panel 3

LDN Advocates Panel 4

Susan Sedlock "The 2nd Annual LDN Conference"

Dr. Phil Boyle

Dr. Skip Lenz

Dr. Pat Crowley


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    • "After two years of reading about LDN on a Yahoo Thyroid listserv, I asked my doctor to prescribe it for me. She agreed and I started with 3.0 and then, eventually, 4.5. My sleep..."
      LDN Worked For Me
    • "I started using LDN 4 months ago for FM, CFS and a host of other illnesses. I had to take information into my doctor to convince him it was worth a shot. I had relief from the..."