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 "LDN may well be the most important therapeutic breakthrough in over fifty years. It provides a new method of medical treatment by mobilizing the natural defenses of one's own immune system." — David Gluck, MD

"Until There's A Cure...
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3rd Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) Conference

October 20, 2007, Vanderbilt University, USA

Some uncut, unedited videos from the conference are listed below. Turn up your speakers.


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LDN: Dr Gluck Presents Dr McCandless

LDN: Dr Gluck Presents Dr Gilhooly





2007 3rd LDN Conference


There was a great turn out for the 2007 LDN Conference and it was really awesome and mind blowing. Here is some of what was said but there will be a DVD Video coming out sometime in January if you want to order one let Cyndi know at [email protected] so she knows how many to order.




LDN Booklet – 5 LDN Health Success Stories

Thanks to Cris Kerr for putting this together





David Gluck, MD - Emcee & Overview "The Year in LDN"


He addresses the *generic drug/pharmaceutical /trial support* issue. 2007 is the tipping point. 6 to 7 trials occurring. Some trials occurring at NIH, Penn State, Mali,

Milan (data to be compiled soon). Dr. McCandless is treating autistic children with LDN.


Endorphins are beneficial supporters of the immune system.  A weak immune system can become confused and attack ones body.


A conference re MS took place in Prague 1 week ago. A 6-month study of 40 persons.  Treatment with LDN resulted in improved walking and ADL's. Safe treatment/minimal side effects but need to know if endorphins rise as the disease process improves.


LDN for Research Fund sponsors study, 80 subjects. Presentation to be after December. Results to be given to the Academy of Neurology.


Study at Stanford, 40 persons, CFS/fibromyalgia, 21 week controlled trial, results to be presented July 1.


Mind/Brain Consortium - MS, 16 week controlled study, 36 persons, re mental fog, psycho-active changes and symptoms. 


National MS Society has been an LDN-resistant group but is softening considerably as of late. Gave $44,000 to Penn

- animal study to determine the outcomes of high dose vs. low dose.  Encephalitis in rats - high dose makes worsens rats' conditions.  Low dose improves rats' conditions.



Jill Smith, MD - In progress, a Phase II trial of LDN in Crohn's disease at Pennsylvania

University [USA]


Crohn's disease can involve any part of the intestine.  It occurs in 100 to 200 persons/100, 000.  Some of the signs and symptoms are pain, diarrhea, weight loss, anemia, malnutrition, ulcers, arthritis (peripheral) , skin lesions and iritis.  Ideology unknown but may may be due to any one of the following: infection, change in bacteria, defective mucosal integrity, immune response impairment and can run in families - chromosome 16 abnormality.  Stress, smoking and ASAIDS worsens the illness. Incorrect diet can exacerbate Crohn's.


Bacteria have an increased permeability through the walls of the intestine, leading to increased macrophages, leading to increased inflammation.   Impaired T-cell function [what are supposed to be the quarterbacks of the immune system] leave neutrophils/ macrophages largely ignorant of their proper functions.  They no longer recognize threats as they should and instead go on a rampage.  [Part of the last sentence was mine, as I had to finish the sentence after the fact, based on what I remembered.] 


Those who have Crohn's have a less diverse population of bacteria.  It is to be determined whether this is a cause or the result of Crohn's.  Problems found in present treatments: depressed immune system, cost, compliance, IV infusions.


Goal: to improve the immune system function rather than focus on controlling the inflammation.


Dr. Smith goes on to discuss the action of LDN regarding endorphins and opioid receptors. 


LDN administered to mice having colitis - evaluation reveals inflammation is decreased.  Pro-inflammatory cytokines are decreased when using LDN as opposed to the results using Nal.....  [ I didn't get the full name of the drug.]  No liver changes, etc.


New Crohn's study: 40 persons maximum.  22 entered so far.  The study is blinded.  7 month study.  Final results not yet in.  Colonoscopies/ biopsies, histo, chemistries, C-reactive protein, plasma cytologies done periodically.  Scores reveal LDN is working so far.


Advantages: Orally administered, down-regulates cytokines, cost effective, minimal side effects.


Those physicians who have FDA Identification #'s need to submit their data to the FDA.



Burt Berkson, MD - Private practice experiences with LDN for cancer and autoimmune diseases.


Dr. Berkson recounts a patient who came to him after having been told he would likely die within 3 weeks.  Three years later, following treatment, the patient's prostate cancer and bone mets, RA and lupus are gone.


Another patient having pancreatic cancer with mets to the liver (adeno-carcinoma) had come to Dr. Berkson after having had 21 days of chemotherapy at a major cancer center in Texas.  The patient's WBC and platelets had dropped significantly and he had been advised that there was no hope. 


Dr. Berkson placed the patient on a nutritional diet, including 6 daily servings of green & colored vegetables, reduced sweets, no processed foods, increased water consumption and B vitamins.  The patient was further advised to avoid stressful situations.  In addition, the patient was placed on alpha lipoic acid (both I.V. and p.o.) and LDN.  Alpha lipoic acid can regenerate the liver.  And regarding DM neuropathies, ALA can generate the growth of new blood vessels.  "It can do too many things," he smiled.  But "it's difficult to overcome chemotherapy. "


Follow-up CT scans revealed no new lesions.  The patient was feeling well and discontinued treatment - of his own volition.  His disease then advanced.  The protocol was resumed; the patient improved; the tumors decreased in size.  It is recommended that LDN be taken for life.


Dr. Berkson is seeing the best results using LDN in the treatment rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.  One such patient later took Humera and developed B-cell lymphoma.


The presentation was backed by slides.



Terry Grossman, MD "is a leading expert on anti-aging and life extension therapies, and the founder and medical director of Frontier Medical Institute in Golden, Colorado."


 Private Practice Experiences

Dr. Grossman discusses a patient having renal cell cancer, a baseball-sized tumor of the right kidney, stage 4 (definition: invading the viscera or distant mets), having a high mortality rate.  Renal cell cancer is the 6th largest cause of cancer death, responding poorly to chemotherapy and radiology.  The patient had essentially been told that he would die, despite the fact he had had surgery, including removal of nearby lymph nodes.

When the patient came to Dr. Grossman, he placed the patient on a no sugar diet, low glycemic load foods, 85% organic [foods in general, was my understanding] but any meat should be 100% organic, increased water and green tea.  In addition, the patient took a multi-vitamin/ mineral supplement daily, ate graviola, took fish oil and protolytic enzymes.

The patient was placed on low dose naltrexone 3mg, and IV vitamin C (used as a drug, leading to the production of H2O2 in order to kill cancer cells) was administered daily [I failed to note how long the Vit C was given], starting at 25gm and increased to 75gm at 1/2gm/minute.

In addition to the LDN and IVC, the patient was given Insulin Potentiated Chemotherapy (low dose chemo at 10-20% of the normal dose.


Notes taken by: Janet Buskell (Thanks Janet)



Here are some pictures I took at the 2007 LDN Conference


Bill Roberts (Retired Firefighter which a News Article was put out on him and LDN awhile back, Brenda (Hosted the 2007 Conference)


Cyndi Lenz, Adam, Lenz & Dr. Gluck


Dr. Berkson, Dr. Quinn (Pharmacist from Ireland) and Dr. Gluck


Dr. Crowley (From Ireland), Gigi in Red


Dr. Skip, Adam (Dr. Skip and Cyndi’s son), Fritz - Good Shape Guy




Bill Roberts, Brenda, Janet Buskell and her husband


Bill Roberts, Brenda, Janet Buskell and her husband


Aletha (Pink Shirt), Susan & Jim (Caveman) Garvin


Jim (Caveman) & Susan Garvin


Susie Sedlock (Hosted 2006 LDN Conference)


Susie Sedlock, Myself and Aletha


Dr. Skip, Susan Garvin, Myself, Bill Roberts Twin Sister at a get together the night before the Conference Thanks to Brenda and her mom.



Everyone was so wonderful and it was so great seeing faces with the names. There was a great turn out of I believe over 100 people. A few people that was suppose to come got sick at the last moment and couldn’t make it.


Dr. Gilhooly canceled because they found out his wife has breast cancer so all prayers and well wishes go out to them.


Dr. Bob Lawrence got sick at the last moment so he wasn’t able to make it and he was surely missed.


Dr. McCandless couldn’t make it because her and her husband are in Africa doing the LDN Studies there for HIV/Aids and she was surely missed.



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