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Quotes After two years of reading about LDN on a Yahoo Thyroid listserv, I asked my doctor to prescribe it for me. She agreed and I started with 3.0 and then, eventually, 4.5. My sleep improved and skin issues resolved. Recently, my new primary care doctor advised me to see an endocrinologist for care so I chose one newer to the profession hoping she would be as open-minded as my former doctor. No such luck ? I have been off LDN a few months now and my sleep is not as restful and my skin issues quickly returned. I will not return to the endocrinologist because I am not confident in her ability to care for my condition if she cannot even momentarily consider an option I requested. My quest for a doctor willing to prescribe LDN continues. My criteria include the doctor must be willing to allow me to use my medical insurance and my preference is for oral meds but I?m willing to try other methods. I believe LDN successfully improved my quality of life and I miss its impact. Quotes
LDN Worked For Me

Quotes I started using LDN 4 months ago for FM, CFS and a host of other illnesses. I had to take information into my doctor to convince him it was worth a shot. I had relief from the first day. I take 3mg at night about 9am, the next day I didn't seem so tied. Since then I have resumed an almost normal life, my pain levels have dropped dramatically and my sleep although still interrupted and not long enough seems to be more refreshing. I have two side affects the first was very very vivid dreams these lasted about 4 days and went away, the second I have developed in the last couple of weeks, about when your receptors kick back in I am having a hot flush. Even with these side affects I can't see me stopping any time soon. I am still tied, still in some pain but I can push through it. I explain it to people as waking up Friday morning, you are tied but once you get going you are ok. I love LDN and the life it has given me back, I can't imagine stopping any time soon. Quotes

Quotes LDN was first prescribed for chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. It helped me feel better. Then ten years later, I developed a flu-like illness and severe arthritis, which was diagnosed many things: polymyalgia rheumatica, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and undifferentiated connective tissue disease. These were apparently all wrong diagnoses because I probably had Lyme disease all along. I stopped the LDN for a few weeks and felt MUCH worse. Now I take it for Lyme and whenever I miss a day, I feel the arthritis worsen. The arthritis seems pretty well controlled by the LDN. I don't know if it was Lyme ten years ago, but the LDN has been very helpful all along. Quotes
Mary Ann

Quotes I have been diagnosed with M.S. for 33 years. I have been taking LDN (2 Mg) at bedtime for 3 years now. Since starting this regimen I have had only a slight variation in my sleeping hours. This has been anywhere from 7hours to 8 1//2 hours of" uninterrupted sleep every night". I am so grateful for these 'wonderful hours of sleep'! Also, my M.S. has been "stable" as well. Quotes
Carmelle Mills
Satisfied customer

Quotes I take LDN for Transverse Myelitis and/or MS and also for Hashimoto's. Had some urinary frequency before I started LDN that improved the night I started on 1mg. Upped my dose to 4mg eventually and felt some "heaviness" in my sacrum from upping from 3 to 4mg, so brought it down to 3mg again. That seems to be my sweet spot. Trying to lower my thyroid antibodies but still trying to get my present doctor to so the TPO to see where they are at this point. I have been on LDN since November of 2013. Never on the CRAB drugs and hope to never be on them! Quotes
Physical Therapist Assistant

Quotes I started LDN when my doctors wanted me to start Methotrexate or Cellcept for my Dermatomyositis skin rash. Within weeks I was able to cut my dose of Plaquenil in half, and was dropping prednisone 1 mg every 3 weeks with no symptoms. My rash was in complete remission by month 4. Even my extreme sun sensitivity improved dramatically...I'm tan now! LDN gave me lots of energy and drastically improved my mood as well. Quotes

Quotes I take it for prostate cancer and asthma. So far, so good! Quotes
Iggy Dalrymple

Quotes My dad, who is now in remission from his prostate cancer and taking nothing for it except LDN, decided to give it to his dog, Rocky, who is dying of skin cancer. It's been less than two weeks, and Rocky's tumors are visibly shrinking and have stopped bleeding. He is able to see again, able to jump on the bed again, the horrible abdominal swelling (from the metastasized cancer) is 60% gone. His horrible wracking cough has improved at least 50%. I saw him today and my jaw dropped. We don't know if it will be enough to save him, maybe too little too late. But he is DEFINITELY feeling better, and even if we still lose him, it has made him far more comfortable. I'm working on getting comparison pics of his tumors. Quotes

Quotes The pain from my Ankylosing Spondylitis, Fibromyalgia and Interstitial Cystitis used to be - well, unbearable is a pretty good word for it. After trying and failing the extremely expensive and dangerous biologics, chemotherapy, steroids, NSAIDS, you name it, I decided to try LDN. I paid $300 out of pocket to see a local D.O. who prescribes it, and that was THE BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE. I began LDN on May 1st, 2007 and within a week I knew I'd never go back. I had been on track to be wheelchair-bound by age 25, and now I'm still walking at age 29. Call me a polygamist, but I consider myself to be married to LDN as well as to my husband! In 2008, I decided to continue taking LDN through pregnancy, which, according to my perinatologist, saved my daughter's life. I had miscarried the other babies because of my immune system. During the year that she nursed, she was never sick. LDN gave me my life back, and gave me a beautiful daughter. <3 Quotes
'Till Death Do Us Part

Quotes I have been using LDN for Crohn's since 2009. I had a dramatic improvement within a week of starting it and it continues today. I'm presently working with a friend to put her brain cancer into remission. No results yet (too soon). Quotes
Lad Jelen
Retired engineer