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This is a page of updates and certain things that have happened to me since I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis & Transverse Myelitis in November 2004.

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Cellulitis Infection

Around June 6th my right upper thigh where I give my Betaseron injections started hurting and it felt like it was in the muscle and it kept getting worse each day after. Then it started getting a little red and felt hot to the touch. As each day went by the redness and the pain got worse and worse. The pain has been so excruciating and I have never in my life felt pain so bad. If you've ever had a Charlie Horse in your leg then you know how painful that is but this was like 10 - 20 times more painful then that. I was also running a fever any where from 100.3 to 102.2. I also can't walk on my leg and have to use my walker or wheel chair to get around with the help of my husband or someone. The Dr said I have to stay in bed unless to get up to go to the bathroom because by moving around it will make the infection spread and become worse.

I went to my Neurologist and he said it was an infection and not my MS and told me to take Ibuprofen and use a heating pad but it wasn't getting any better. My husband took me to Centra Care (A medical walk in clinic) and the Dr there said it was an infection and gave me a shot of Antibiotics plus a prescription to take at home and to stay in bed. I took all my Antibiotics and it still wasn't any better so we went to the Emergency Room and the Dr there told us it was a serious infection called "Cellulitis" and gave me stronger Antibiotics and Pain Medications through IV.  Then he did blood tests to check my blood count and it came back a little high because of the infection and he said if it had been higher he would of admitted me to the hospital. He gave me prescriptions for stronger antibiotics and pain meds to take at home and it has gotten a little better. I have a follow up appointment tomorrow to have it rechecked.

I went for my recheck and my Dr sent me for a Catscan which came back inconclusive so he sent me for an MRI because he thinks it may have turned into either a pus pocket or fatty tissue. Tomorrow July 6th I go back to the Dr for my results to the MRI and to see what the Dr is going to do because the lump on my thigh is still there. It hasn't gotten any better but it hasn't gotten any worse either but its not healing totally. I still have some pain, discomfort, and it's still hard to get around some but I try to when I feel up to it. I've been having to stay bedridden since I found out I had this infection because the Dr said it can spread by walking on it too much.

July 6th, 2005 - I went to the Dr for my MRI results and recheck on my leg today. The Dr said that when I gave my injection it hit a vein and got infected and caused a blood clot and that's why now within the last two weeks the lump hasn't gone down so he wants me to go to a surgeon for a second opinion to see what they might want to do. So now I have to set the appointment up to see what next. I'll just be happy when it's gone and over with. The Dr said I could start walking on it more and I did today but with having to be bedridden for a little over a month it started to hurt after awhile so guess I'll have to do a little each day so i don't over do it.

I hope no one ever has to go through this like I have because it has been so unbelieveably painful, uncomfortable, and depressing. I will keep you posted on what will happen and my progress.

July 18th, 2005 I was suppose to have an appointment with a surgeon today to look at my leg to see what their going to do but they called and it got rescheduled till tomorrow at 11 am so will let you know what happens.

July 19th, 2005 I went to the surgeon's and he said my leg was filled with fluid so he took a HUGE syringe and needle and stuck it in my leg and drew out a whole syringe full of fluid without numbing my leg. It hurt like you know what. He told me to come back in a week to have it rechecked but here it is only two days later the 21st and it has filled up with fluid again so I need to call the office tomorrow to see if they want me to come in earlier. I have a feeling he'll have to cut it open to get the fluid out and clean it but we'll see.

I just want it to go away............

July 26th, 2005 I went to the surgeon's for a recheck on my leg and he took one look at it and said he'll have to do surgery on it. A spot had broken open this morning and it was draining pus a little. I've had to keep gauze on it because of the pus leaking out and it has gotten worse. I've had to change the gauze like 4-5 times a day because it is leaking so much. I guess that's a good thing that it's at least coming out now.

August 2nd, 2005 I have to go for surgery on my leg. The surgeon said he was going to put in a drain of some kind but most of the pus has leaked out so will have to see what he's going to do now. It'll be done outpatient so I'll be home that afternoon. So we'll see Tuesday and I will keep you all updated.

I went for my surgery on August 2nd, 2005 and my Dr put in a drain to drain the fluid out of my leg and he took some of it to test to make sure there is no more infection. The surgery went good and it didn't take long to do. We waited longer then it took to do the surgery. After the surgery within an hour I was able to go home.

I went back August 5th, 2005 to have it checked to see if my Dr was going to take the drain out but there was still quite a bit of fluid coming out so he decided to keep it in till Wednesday August 10th, 2005. So we'll see what happens then.

I went to the Dr for a recheck on my leg August 10th, 2005 and the Dr took out the drain. Yeaaaaaaa!!!! It was starting to really itch alot and was getting very uncomfortable. The Dr said the itching was a good sign of it healing. It is still oozing a little so I have to keep gauze on it till it stops but it feels so much better.... I have to go back just to have it rechecked on August 16th, 2005. Thank God this battle is almost over with.... I hope and pray that no one else will have to go through what I have with this infection because it has not been very fun.

I went for my recheck August 16th, 2005 and the Dr said it was looking better but he used a nytro stick to deaden some of the flesh that was sticking out. It is still leaking a little but not like it was. The Dr said it was looking good and to come back August 30th, 2005 for another recheck.

My leg has finally stopped leaking out fluid and is starting to heal good now.

I went back yesterday for my recheck and my Dr said it looks good and is healing good. He said there is no more fluid so I didn't have to come back again.

YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   FINALLY IT'S GONE!!!!!!    

Even with the injections being sterile there is still always that chance that you could get an infection like I did....




Here is a link to some information on Cellulitis to give you an idea what it is




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